Hi guys, Welcome to Around the galaxy!

Fly around the galaxy,

Learn the maneuver around the gravity fields made by the randomly generated worlds,

Collect coins to add more points to your name,

And become the highest leveled pilot around the galaxy!

***EDIT: If you're experiencing extremely high speeds, which makes the game unplayable, then that was because I used Update and not FixedUpdate for the physics in the game. Sadly, I learnt that lesson after the jam dead line. If you wish to experience the game in a normal speed, you're more than welcome to download the updated version from here: https://ufile.io/d9v9v

Controls: Arrow keys.

Goal: Fly around the galaxy, fly near the stars to enter their orbit and collect coins. Make sure you don't go head first, or you will explode! The best way to enter a planets orbit is to go in a right angle (90 degrees). Collect coins for points, trees to enhance the coin value, and avoid obstacles. Game lasts until you crash into a world or an obstacle.

Make sure to check the "How to play" section in the game.

Hello again, that's my second game jam I take part in, after my previous one a week ago. That's my second game creating by my own as well. The code, art, and music were all made by me - all feedback regarding any possible subject is more than welcome!

Hope you enjoy the game, and let me know if you liked it!

Best regards,


Install instructions

Download and play,

But it's better if you play the WebGL version.


Normal.zip 24 MB

Development log


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Fun game, and it plays alright although I think I did manage to break it a little as long as I didn't crash into planets too hard I'd manage to continue.

I would personally tweak the speed down just a liiittle bit to make it a bit more managable, and I didn't quite like the music.  Overal you got a solid game though. Well done! And cheers on the gamejam :D

Thanks! feedback noted. Cheers!