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I agree with nns2009 that the game feels quite slow and it makes it hard to play.

Noted, thanks!

Nice idea. My main criticism goes for platforming control:

1. It is very slow. Pressing Jump/Hit should do almost immediate jump and hit. It currently feels very slow

2. Characters get stuck sometimes when close to each other and other objects. Try settings up "Physics Material" with 0 friction

3. You can't jump from slopes (important in auto-scrolling level)


Thanks for the feedback, noted!

Hi there, awesome job on making your first game by yourself!

A few bits of feedback:

- It took me a while of hitting different keys to realise that E is jump and Q is hit. Having a controls section in this description page would really help, as I don't think the game indicates that these actions exist until you've already found these controls!

- When the side scrolling section starts it feels really difficult! Could help to slow it down / have a couple of levels without the scrolling in first. Or maybe I just need to git gud :P

- I really like the concept. Having the two characters cover each other's weaknesses works really well

Hi Dave,

I added a Controls section in the description, hopefully that would help.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hello! I tried your game but I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do

Hi! Glad you took your time to give it a go.

Perhaps I should've been more clear at the beginning of the game, my apologies - 

At the start, The Insecurities screen will appear. A few moments later, the titles of the controllers will appear underneath the Title of the game.

A few moments afterwards, a portal will appear on the right. Throughout the game you proceed by getting to the portals(there are a few variations of them). Basically -> You need to make it across the screen in most of the levels.

I'll add this comment in the post itself, if this is an issue.

It would be much appreciated if you would give the game another go.

Thanks in advance. 

Ahh ok, thanks! I'll give it another try